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Booq announces the Fibre snapcase for iPhone 5


When I think of accessory manufacturer Booq, I normally think of high-quality computer bags and backpacks. Well, the company has just announced the new Fibre snapcase (US$29.95), a stylish line of iPhone 5 cases that bring the soft touch of cloth to your favorite phone.

The back of each Fibre snapcase is covered with the same material found in the company's Mamba line of laptop bags, giving your iPhone protection while adding a classy look and an extra bit of grip to keep the phone from sliding out of your hand. The sides of the case are made of a matching polycarbonate plastic for protection just in case it does happen to be the victim of a fumble.

The Fibre snapcase is available for order today on the Booq website and will be arriving at selected retailers shortly.

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