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Does your guild offer an opposite-faction group?


I recently fired up a warlock, something I've always meant to do (I'm a long-time arcane pet class lover and an experienced necromancer) but never managed with any serious effort in WoW. Character selection seemed obvious: Evil class, evil faction, right? Only I don't have an active Horde guild anywhere at the moment, and I was mortifyingly lonely after only two brief play sessions.

Of course, once I remade my character in a happily guilded Alliance version, I was reminded that the guild also runs a Horde alternative guild. Frankly, I'm just as pleased to be tucked safely into the active, happy sprawl of the Alliance-side main guild (especially since I plan to focus on soloing with this character), but I did kick myself when I remembered the Horde alternative. Oh, well. Evil is as evil does, right?

Does your guild maintain an active group on the other side of the faction line? If so, do you belong to both? Are they equally active, or is one guild definitely the primary group?

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