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Super Crate Box squares away a launch on Ouya


Vlambeer is bringing Super Crate Box to Ouya, just in time to show it off at E3. The new version shouldn't be a complete surprise – after all, Super Crate Box is already on basically every other platform ever, including Commodore 64.

Vlambeer announced Super Crate Box Ouya in a blog post packed with news: As previously mentioned, Luftrausers is ready for certification by Sony, and when it's approved it'll launch simultaneously on PC, Mac, Linux, PS3 and Vita. In an appearance on Sup Holmes?, Vlambeer founders Rami Ismail and Jan Willem Nijman announced unlockable, color versions of Luftrausers, created by notable people in the gaming industry.

Ismail and Nijman are also deep into their next game – it's playable already, and it features explosions and screen shakes, if that helps narrow down its genre a bit (it doesn't). They plan to stream development of this game and will announce more information closer to Luftrausers' launch.

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