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YouTube sees mobile ad sales triple after ad-free iOS version bites the dust


Last August Apple announced it had lost its license to include the iPhone-bundled YouTube app as a part of iOS 6. Google wanted to make its own app, one that had ads, unlike the one found in iOS 5. The move appears to have been a smart one. Bloomberg reports Google has tripled its mobile ad revenue in the last six months.

So what happened six months ago? Why the debut of Google's new ad-enabled YouTube app for iOS! The Bloomberg report goes on to say that more than half of all US smartphone owners, at least 70 million people, have used a YouTube app of some sort, be it on an Apple or Android. With Apple's share of the US at 39.2 percent according to a ComScore report released this past Tuesday, it's safe to say YouTube probably made a wise choice in pulling their app from iOS 6 and replacing it with an ad-enabled cousin.

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