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Construction continues on Stanford 2 Apple Store, revealing new design


ifoAppleStore published a number of photos today showing construction of the new Stanford 2 Apple Store in northern California. The store uses a new "glass box and floating roof design" that allows passersby to get a great view of the interior of the store.

This same design is allegedly being used for two other Apple Stores, one in downtown Portland, Ore., and the other in the city center of Aix-en-Provence, France. The Stanford 2 store is progressing well for an opening later this year, and demolition has begun at the sites for the other two stores.

As ifoAppleStore notes, this design is completely faced with glass that actually supports the floating roof structure. Behind the glass box is a "stone-faced box" that encloses the back-of-house operations and other retail space.

The images were provided by an ifoAppleStore "tipster" who took photos from inside the construction fencing. A complete gallery of photos is available on the ifoAppleStore site.

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