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Amazon's Kindle comes to China: Paperwhite for $138, Fire HD for $244 (16GB) or $293 (32GB)


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Amazon launched its Kindle e-book platform into China last Christmas, but locals looking to get their mitts on the company's hardware had to look, ahem, elsewhere. Fortunately for everyone but grey market importers, Amazon has released the non-cellular Paperwhite and the two 7-inch Kindle Fire HD tablets to the nation. Our colleagues over at Engadget Chinese have added that as well as being able to buy the devices from Amazon's local site, users will be able to pick up the units at Suning and Shi Tesco stores across the mainland. The Paperwhite is marked up at 849 yuan ($138), with the Kindle Fire priced at 1499 yuan ($244) for the 16GB edition and 1799 yuan ($293) for 32GB.

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