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Massively Exclusive: Aion 4.0 videos showcase new classes and skills

MJ Guthrie

The clock is ticking down, and the wait for Aion 4.0 is almost over. But eager Daevas don't have to sit and twiddle their wings until June 26th to see the new classes in action; NCsoft offered Massively a sneak peek with a new trailer depicting the Gunslinger toting guns galore (from pistols to aethercannons) and the Songweaver, who packs a mean treble clef and can heal mana. If you want to blast holes in your opponents or turn them into dancing penguins, this is the video for you.

Not interested in a new class? Then how about getting a gander at the new skills coming to the tried and true classes! There's something new for everyone as Daevas advance up to level 65. Take a look at those skills in the second video beyond the break.

[Source: NCsoft press release]

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