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Apple unveils new and interactive Mac Pro site


During today's WWDC keynote, Phil Schiller gave us a rare, if not unprecedented, look at an upcoming product that won't be shipping for a while. If you saw today's keynote, you likely caught Apple's eye-catching 30-second teaser video for the next-gen Mac Pro.

We reported earlier today:

The Mac Pro will have Dual Workstation CPU FirePro processors, up to two times faster than the current Mac Pro. There is built-in support for up to three 4K displays, HDMI out, GB Ethernet and internal storage with 1.25 GB/s reads and 1 GB/s writes. The new Mac Pro features Thunderbolt 2, and it's backwards-compatible with the current-generation Thunderbolt accessories.

And did we mention that the new Mac Pro is only 9.9 inches tall?

Shortly after the keynote finished, Apple updated its website with a new, very cool, informative and interactive page for the Mac Pro. Head on over here to check this puppy out in great detail.

As Phil Schiller said, "Can't innovate anymore, my ass!"

We'll keep you posted as to when shipping and pricing information on this beauty become available.

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