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Dead Rising 3 launches this holiday as Xbox One exclusive [Update: trailer!]


Capcom announced Dead Rising 3 at Microsoft's E3 press conference, and the game is coming this holiday as an Xbox One exclusive. Nick Ramos is the new protagonist enduring another massive zombie outbreak.

As per the series' ethos, Nick used a variety of weaponry in the showcased DR3 gameplay video, including a wrench, a tactical handgun, his bare fists, and maybe most memorably a slegehammer-chainsaw hybrid.

Capcom revealed DR3 will also feature SmartGlass integration, with Nick using it in the gameplay demo to call in artillery support to create a sizzling zombie BBQ. Capcom also promised "no load times" for DR3's open world.

Update: We've added in a trailer. Meanwhile, Microsoft noted on its Wire service DR3 features Kinect integration.

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