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Live before Microsoft's E3 2013 show with Joystiq and Engadget [Update: It's over!]


Update: The live pre-show is over, but stick around for our liveblog of the Microsoft conference and another live, post-show video wrapup with Ludwig Kietzmann and Ben Gilbert.

Original story: Joystiq Editor-in-Chief Ludwig Kietzmann and Engadget Senior Associate Editor Ben Gilbert are live outside of Microsoft's E3 press conference, and they're ready to hear all about the Xbox One and its lineup of next-gen games.

In the week leading up to the conference, Microsoft announced more details about the Xbox One: To play games, it will require an internet connection at least once a day; it supports a one-time-use system for pre-owned games; and the Kinect won't monitor any background noise, Microsoft said. This conference is supposed to focus on games, games and more games, and we'll have a liveblog documenting every moment of the show.

Watch the live, pre-show video below (it auto-plays):

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