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Microsoft reveals user content-driven game Project Spark [Update: Trailer]


Microsoft announced the multi-genre, user content-driven game Project Spark at its E3 conference today.

Project Spark features SmartGlass and Kinect support, allowing players to define in-game features and items during gameplay. User-generated content can also be shared with the community, and players can remix and build on prior creations in order to customize their own worlds.

Footage shown at Microsoft's conference indicates that players will be able to create a variety of gameplay scenarios, ranging from complex action-adventure games to arcade-style shooters. The game appears to be a competitor to Sony's LittleBigPlanet series, considering its focus on collaborative online play and its broad array of customizable content.

Microsoft notes that Project Spark's gameplay is "only possible with the Xbox One's architecture." A release date was not announced.

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