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Ubisoft reveals Trials Fusion and Trials Frontier [update: Trailer and details]


Trials Fusion / Trials Frontier (Announcement)
Ubisoft revealed a pair of new Trials games during its E3 conference. First is Trials Fusion, a new game in the motocross racing/crashing series for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360 and PC. Meanwhile, Trials Frontier is for mobile devices. Each version will interact with one another in some way.

Both games are due in 2014.

Update: Ubisoft has provided a few more details. Fusion will be "tet in a shining vision of what our future could be, where technology and nature co-exist." It also promises "social and visual breakthroughs." Frontier, meanwhile, sounds like the Trials formula adapted for touchscreen platforms, though Ubisoft does call it a "a unique social racing game."

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