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Apple to relocate, expand last 'mini' Apple Store


Apple is set to relocate the last of its "mini" retail stores to a new location, while dramatically expanding its size, according to ifoAppleStore. The mini-store in question is the Oakridge Apple Store in San Jose, Calif. The store will move from its current location to a new spot just across from the food court in the mall. The revamped store will be 15 times larger than its current size. Once the move is complete, it will mark the end of the mini-stores, the first of which were opened in 2004. As ifoAppleStore notes:

The project signals the end of the mini-stores, which were intended to allow Apple to occupy smaller spaces, and yet generate almost the same amount of revenue. However, as the number of products has grown over the past eight years, and training and service have become more integral to the stores, the mini-stores couldn't provide enough space for visitors.

ifoAppleStore says the expanded store could open in early 2014.

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