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Dead Rising 3 adds Nightmare mode for die-hard Dead Rising traditionalists

Jordan Mallory

Traversing Dead Rising 3's reportedly massive open world won't be a race against the clock, or an all-out search for a bathroom like previous entries in the series – that is, unless you want it to be. The game's new direction, as well as its opt-in old direction, was explained to us by Capcom during a closed-door demonstration of the game at E3.

"We're trying to have our cake and eat it too, in terms of how the game world works," a Capcom representative told us during the demonstration. "In previous Dead Rising games, time was ticking. You have to rush through the game, you don't get a chance to explore, you don't get a chance to experiment, you can only save in certain locations ... and some people loved that, but some people hated it and it totally turned them off from Dead Rising."

To wit, Capcom's goal has been to make zombies the main threat in the game, rather than time pressure, and its doing so by removing the timer and adding auto-saves. The company does seem aware, however, that this is against the grain of the series' history, and as such a "Nightmare" mode will be available for those that want something a little more classic.

"No auto-saves; clock is ticking; we'll fail your ass if you don't make it to the next mission in time. It works just like old Dead Risings – so if you're a Dead Rising fan and you want a sadistic experience, you can totally do that."

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