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Quantum Break live-action series comes with the game

Xav de Matos, @Xav

The symbiotic live-action series produced as part of the Xbox One-exclusive "time travel mystery" Quantum Break will be included with the game when it ships, Remedy Creative Director Sam Lake has confirmed.

Quantum Break continues Remedy's trend of using other forms of media – in its worlds and outside of them – to flesh out the universe of its games. Max Payne's story was told in pages ripped out of a gritty noir comic, Alan Wake brought the world to life in a short, live-action miniseries; Quantum Break goes further, Lake said.

"Quantum Break is a lot more than a 'AAA' game, there is a top-of-the-line TV show that ships with the game. Both the game and the show are meant to be consumed together," Lake explained, calling the decision to produce an entire series "a logical leap forward" from its previous universe-building efforts.

Expanding on the news, Remedy Entertainment's Oskari Hakkinen clarified that the release of Quantum Break will include the series, though neither Remedy or Microsoft would explain if the show would be included on the same disc as the game.

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The story from Quantum Break and its companion live-action series interweave, Remedy says. Though aspects of the story can change based on player choices, Quantum Break's primary narrative is one crafted by Lake and the rest of the creative team.

"We're not creating 'Choose Your Own Adventure,' where very easily one tight story gets watered down to many weaker ones. For us, it is much more about one powerful story told many ways based on your actions."

For more on how players will affect the world of Quantum Break, look out for our upcoming preview of the game in action.

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