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E3 organizers set the fuzz on OUYA over parking lot cheekiness


The next-gen console war is truly on and E3 is the battleground. As IGN found out, though, fighting spirits have extended beyond the walls of the Los Angeles Convention Center, where Android console-makers OUYA and the ESA (which runs E3) are embroiled in an ongoing tussle. It started when OUYA decided to attend E3 "on its own terms," setting up a stand in a parking lot opposite the Expo to attract attention without paying E3 fees. The ESA responded by renting its own parking spaces and using trucks to obscure OUYA's stand. But for every patch, a hack is soon to follow, and OUYA then rented additional spaces in front of the trucks to put up some banners. The ESA then called the cops, who turned up on their monster Segways to see what was what. After checking OUYA's permits, the LAPD were satisfied nothing illegal was going on and split. Apparently, OUYA founder Julie Uhrman has contacted the ESA to talk it out, but hasn't received a response. Perhaps the association is too busy planning its next attack, but Uhrman is prepared: "If ten more trucks show up, we'll come up with another idea. I have a few up my sleeve."

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