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Quantum Break may cross paths with Alan Wake


Speaking with Joystiq, Remedy creative director Sam Lake hinted that the studio's Xbox One game Quantum Break may have a connection to Alan Wake. We jokingly asked if Quantum Break was really just a story written by Alan. He said no, but added that Quantum Break deals with many timelines and universes. "The way we approach these things is definitely kind of – they're connected in weird ways. And definitely for Remedy fans, there will be a lot of familiar things from a Remedy game."

"We are definitely dealing with the idea of multiple timelines – essentially a multiverse – where many things are possible," he said. Our theory is that Quantum Break's season "cliffhanger" will be Alan waking up in the middle of the night, realizing that the entire game was just a dream.

Our full interview with Sam Lake will be up soon.

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