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Google+ gets notification improvements across devices, new Android app


Today, Google announced it's making some improvements to its social network, both on the web as well as on the Android and iOS apps. The company's own Vic Gundotra has -- appropriately -- taken to Google+ to share that notifications have been improved all around, making them "much easier to use across mobile and desktop." Additionally, these notifications now tout a new bell icon which lets users know when stuff is waiting to be glanced, plus there's a tray that manages read and unread items -- in other words, they've become a lot less obtrusive and cumbersome.

The Android application, meanwhile, has been updated with the option to delete pics from within the "Photos" view, while other under-the-hood improvements were added to the menu in order to make it "more consistent with other Google apps." The rejuvenated notification system is expected to be rolling out over the next few days, however the Android app is available now at the Google Play link below.

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