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iFixit tears down the 2013 Xbox 360, finds surprisingly familiar insides


The Xbox 360 has gone through quite a few hardware transitions in its lifetime, but the 2013 model still intrigues us -- it's potentially the last, most advanced iteration that we'll see. iFixit must be equally curious, as it's tearing down the console just days after its launch. The shock of this latest system may rest in what hasn't changed: despite being smaller and (reportedly) quieter, the updated 360 is still using the cooling, processing power and storage of its 2010 predecessor. Most of the differences exist in the enclosure and some minor component tweaks, like the new RF module. This model isn't a revolution, then, but iFixit appreciates its more repairable design. Gamers wanting to explore this tiniest of Xbox 360s can check out the full teardown at the source link.

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