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    Daily iPhone App: Elevatr helps you build a booming startup


    People with an entrepreneurial streak should run with Elevatr on their phone so they don't miss those moments of inspiration. Elevatr is a free-form note-taking app with a business plan focus.

    The app lets you create a note with fields for your business idea, the target market, product details, business model and execution. Each field has sub-fields that help you organize your ideas. For example, the section for defining your market includes fields for you to add details on the target market, the competition and your idea's competitive advantage.

    Elevatr can store your ideas locally, or you can sign up for an account to store them in the cloud and share them with others. The app now is a single-user productivity tool, but the company has plans to add collaboration to the app. With its slick look and feel, Elevatr is definitely worth the storage space on your iPhone.

    Elevatr is available for free from the iOS App Store.

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