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Patch 5.4 PTR: Jard and his amazing engineering journal

Anne Stickney

For those of us who have picked the best profession (that would be engineering), we've finally got some new schematics in patch 5.4 to mess around with! Fortunately, there are no reputations to grind, no insane amount of gold or obscure items we have to pay to obtain these new schematics. In fact, in a departure from the usual, all engineers have to obtain is one item to learn all new schematics for patch 5.4: Chief Engineer Jard's Journal. At the present time, the journal drops from any mob in the Vale -- I got mine from the first sha I killed.

Reading the journal will teach you Jard's secrets. Apparently, he really wasn't into explosives at all. Patch 54 PTR Jard and his amazing engineering journal You'll get the schematics for Pierre, the Rascal Bot, the Advanced Refrigeration Unit, and the Sky Claw when you learn the journal, as well as the item you'll need to make all of them -- Jard's Peculiar Energy Source. And this is where it gets a little frustrating, to say the least. Creating the energy source is easy, you only need 10 Ghost Iron Bars. What's frustrating is the cooldown -- you can only make one energy source per day. It's very much like the cooldown for Imperial Silk, except that there isn't an option to use Spirits of Harmony to bypass the cooldown at the present time.

But in order to create the items, you're going to need several of these energy sources. The Advanced Refrigeration Unit takes 5 energy sources as well as 5 Living Steel bars. The pets Pierre and the Rascal Bot both take 15 energy sources and 15 Living Steels. And if you were hoping to get the Sky Claw immediately, think again -- it requires 30 energy sources, and 30 Living Steel. I'm seriously hoping they add some sort of bypass mechanic like they have with Imperial Silk and the Song of Harmony -- if they don't, this is going to be a pretty frustrating grind.

However, it's nice to see these pieces finally being added! If you're an engineer wanting to make these items, you may want to start squirreling away Living Steel now, as you're going to need a lot of it. As always, keep in mind that recipes and items on the PTR aren't guaranteed to make it to live -- but we'll keep our fingers crossed on this one. We've been waiting a long time.

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