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Crowdfund Bookie, June 9 - 15: Pixel Press, Tek Recon, Energy Hook


The Crowdfund Bookie crunches data from select successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns that ended during the week and produces pretty charts for you to look at.

This week in crowdfunding, the Kickstarter campaigns for Pixel Press, Spintires, Tek Recon, Energy Hook, Paranormal: The Town and Terrashift Tactics ended.

Platforming game creator app Pixel Press earned the most money this week ($108,950), and had the most backers of the group, with 2,256 people funding the project. Tek Recon, an augmented reality FPS app for those that still love tangible, Nerf-like soft projectile guns had the highest average pledge per person, with each funder averaging $130.33.

Check out the results and our charts after the break.


  • Pixel Press by Roundthird - $108,950 (108.95%) by 2,256 people ($48.29 mean average)
  • Spintires by Oovee Game Studios - $95,692 (152.34%) by 1,847 people ($51.81 mean average)
  • Tek Recon by Tek Recon - $59,298 (118.60%) by 455 people ($130.33 mean average)
  • Energy Hook by Happion Laboratories - $41,535 (4,153,500%) by 1,622 people ($25.61 mean average)
  • Paranormal: The Town by Matt Cohen - $6,968 (232.27%) by 307 people ($22.70 mean average)
  • Terrashift Tactics by Patronoid Games - $1,661 (132.25%) by 67 people ($24.80 mean average)
Note: We left off the "percentage of goal raised" chart due to the extreme data sample of Energy Hook, which raised over $40,000 above its $1 goal.

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