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One Shots: Do you always dress like that?


Here's a tip from your friendly One Shots coordinator: If you send in a screenshot from a game that hardly ever gets featured in this column, there's a better-than-average chance that I'm going to bump it right up to the top of the pack. Case in point: this groovy shot from Lineage II.

Reader Johnny said he played this game back in 2007: "Behind me we can see the endgame, the Baium Raid Boss. Baium resides on the 13th floor of a the Tower of Insolence, a massive, non-instanced hunting ground with 13 fully accessible and monster-packed floors. The weapon I am holding is a Flaming Dragon Skull, an A-grade blunt weapon."

Be prepared for A-grade awesome screenshots and B-grade commentary as you forge on in this week's repository of player-submitted pictures!

One Shots Do you always dress like that
Reader Paul says that he swore off Lord of the Rings Online following the free-to-play conversion but found himself being sucked back in. "Watching the recent Hobbit film kicked off a massive Tolkien nostalgia trip, which has had me revisiting his creation in all its variations. So I logged into my main Hobbit Hunter and had a bit of a blank, as I couldn't remember what I was doing, where everything was, what should I do with my reset legendaries, etc. So in these cases, I usually just start over, so here we are with a newly minted Dwarf Guardian Arkilae Terran. I'm having a great time rediscovering the game, and I particularly like the water reflection effects that I can now enjoy as I am now able to run the game on maximum shiny."

So... your Hunter was shooting blanks? Poor fellow. They make a pill for that: pipeweed in an easy-to-swallow gel tablet. He'll soon be the life of the party once more!

One Shots Do you always dress like that
Speaking of games that we don't see in this column very often... here's Dungeons and Dragons Online! How's that new sibling jealousy working out for you now that Neverwinter is on the scene? Are you creating a MySpace tribute page about how much better life used to be when you were the only one with that D20 magic?

"I had an interesting thing happen the other day," reader Chad writes in. "My party was running a quest that took place in an underwater environment. As you enter the quest, a magic bubble of oxygen is cast around you. Well, as we finished the quest and recalled back to the city of Stormreach, I found that I was still in the bubble and the whole city was now an underwater environment. My character was still moving slowly as if underwater and had small bubbles slowly rising up from him. Realizing this was a bug I may never see again, I climbed to the highest place I could and jumped off to capture these shots of my Artificer sinking down to the sunken lost city of Stormreach."

One Shots Do you always dress like that
People can't seem to stop themselves from sending in Tabula Rasa screenshots, can they? Maybe that internet petition you signed back in 2010 will finally gain traction and make the publisher change its mind! Also, tomorrow's weather calls for a flock of skyward pigs cruising across the prairie.

Admittedly, reader Joe has a pretty cool one to share. "Halloween mask + heavy-duty armor and weaponry + the carnage after a control point battle = the perfect screenshot to look like a total bad-ass," he said. I concur. Joe, you are awarded this week's bad-ass golden star sticker. It comes with a lifetime supply of awe and admiration from your peers.

One Shots Do you always dress like that
Desiree, the Elven Warrior of mystery, descended into the foul Temple of Hoojib. Her sense of duty overrode her sense of smell, as the combined droppings of a hundred years of gelatinous slime cubes left the odor of a swimming pool filled with curdled milk. But there, she spotted it -- the treasure that her heart desired. It was the Ultimate One Shot, and it was all hers.

If she could somehow slay the nine-foot Gorgon that snuck up behind her while she was admiring the graphical fidelity, that is...

Want to be featured in a future edition of One Shots? Send your favorite MMO screenshots to, and don't forget to include your name, the name of the game, and a description of the scene. Large, colorful, UI-free shots that tell a story and really show off the game make for the best images. Look ma, we brought back One Shots!

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