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Sunday Morning Funnies: The Daily Blink

Amanda Miller

Sunday Morning Funnies is your weekly list of WoW-related web comics.

Each week, in addition to bringing you the latest in comic-goodness, SMF is featuring a regularly updating WoW-related web comic. Check out The Daily Blink:

The Daily Blink is a WoW-related web comic by Chris Hanel. It consists of funny, one-off jokes about Blizzard, the in-game experience, the developers, classes, characters, and the like. It experiments with a variety of styles; for example, there are mock magazine covers, meme parodies, and staged in-game situations. The subject matter is often topical, riffing off of the latest news or the popular complaints du jour.

Hanel uses WoW Model Viewer, Machinima Studio and Photoshop to create the comic.

The Daily Blink updates on Wednesdays.

This week's comics are:

And in comic news this week, the new chapter of Sara & Kleeyo is starting! You don't want to miss the back-story, do you?

There's also a surprise in Gratz, cats over at NPC and LFG has a yurt!

We're also missing a few of our regulars this week, who are either sick or working on secret projects or out enjoying the nice weather (or something equally unforgivable). Wishing all of our absentees well!

Finally, don't forget that we're always accepting tips. Drop a link into the comment section to a new WoW (or WoW-inspired) comic or to a comic that is often about other things but has a strip or seven about the game.

Oh. And Happy Father's Day!

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