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Antichamber trips the Oculus Rift


Indie hit Antichamber is already a mind-bending monster, but now add some Oculus Rift and you've got a "trapped on the holodeck" episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. That's what computer science student Vaecon has done in this VR conversion of the game.

"It's interesting seeing that someone has gone ahead and done this, and I guess I really need to go and get it up and supported officially," said Antichamber developer Alexander Bruce when we pointed out the video to him.

"I have an Oculus dev kit at home, but haven't yet run the game on it myself. I tried watching that video using the good old cross-eyed method, but it was pretty much the same as seeing the game normally. The lack of textures in the game makes it really difficult to see any real sense of depth."

At least Antichamber looks like a more cerebral and calm Oculus experience than some of the whiplash inducing games we've seen use the tech.

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