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Breakfast Topic: What are the songs?


One of the nice things about Tolkien's expansive universe -- both the one he created and the ones expanded upon by others -- is the rich, beautiful music. Whether it's a plate-tossing tune or an orcish battle chant, the world of Tolkien is rife with music. Even Game of Thrones has more than a few ditties, even if you need to be a little creative to find them. But we don't have that some musical background in WoW.

Don't get me wrong: WoW has some fantastic theme music. Between the Arkenstone-penned backgrounds or thematic zone music, Azeroth has plenty of musical ambiance. But it doesn't have a lot of songs with lyrics, or folk tunes, or those little sing-along moments that make a world so vibrant. You have to reach for filk or machinima to get much of that. And sure, there's the Chieftans but that's not quite the same as "music of the world."

The game references music, though. It's out there. So, I ask you, dear breakfast readers, to put fingers to keyboards and try out your Azerothian muse. What's the music you would add to game? Is it just battle chants? What about something with a nice flute? What would the music of Azeroth sound like?

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