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Eddy Cue: Steve Jobs picked 'Winnie the Pooh' as the iBooks freebie, also came up with the idea for 'page curls'


While testifying in court last week, Apple executive Eddy Cue had a number of interesting tidbits regarding the origins of the iBookstore, namely that Steve Jobs was initially opposed to the idea, but quickly hopped on board after Cue convinced him that the iPad would make the perfect e-reader.

Today, Cue took the stand once again where he divulged some more interesting tidbits regarding Apple's foray into the e-book space.

At one point during today's proceeding, an Apple attorney asked Cue a number of questions about Jobs and his involvement in Apple's iBooks initiative.

Once again, All Things D was there covering the trial and relayed the following nuggets of information.

The "page curls" in the iBook app, which show up when you flip an iBook's page? That's Steve Jobs' idea.

It was Jobs' idea to pick ""Winnie-the-Pooh" as the freebie book that came with every iBook app. Not just because Jobs liked the book, Cue said, but because it showed off iBook's capabilities: "It had beautiful color drawings, that had never been seen before in a digital book."

Jobs was also specific about the book he used to show off the iBook during his initial iPad demo in January 2010. He picked Ted Kennedy's "True Compass" memoir, because the Kennedy family "meant a lot to him," Cue said.

Indeed, Cue's testimony serves to underscore that you'd be hard-pressed to find another CEO in the annals of tech that was as product- and detail-oriented as Jobs.

Apple's trial with the DOJ is slated to end this week.

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