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EverQuest Next's official title is... EverQuest Next

MJ Guthrie

At SOE Live last year, fans were told that the EverQuest Next moniker was only a working title for the upcoming sandbox sequel to the Norrathian franchise. Most believed that the true name would not be revealed until the annual convention this year. However, one fan took to Twitter and point blank asked Dave Georgeson, the franchise director, about the impending title. And Georgeson answered! So the official title for EQ Next is -- *drum roll* -- EverQuest Next!

Yes folks, the working title has now been declared the official title. Surprise! OK, maybe it isn't really a surprise, but there were plenty of creative ideas floating around for possible names that could have been used, not to mention ones I'm sure we haven't even heard yet. But for now, EQN is set in stone... or is it? The game itself was totally blown up and redesigned from scratch, so it stands to reason the name could follow suit.

Tell us, Massively readers, what name would you slap on the side of this sandbox? Give us your best ideas in the comments below.

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