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GameStick hit with DelayStick, now expected in August

Jordan Mallory

Android micro-console GameStick will now ship to its Kickstarter backers at some point in August, the start-up hardware manufacturer announced yesterday in an update. Originally slated to release back in April, GameStick was then delayed until June after changes in the manufacturing process were required.

This latest delay stems from the fundraiser's $300 "DESIGNED BY ME!" donation level, which promises 50 backers exclusive early access to development kits for the purpose of beta testing and refining the system's user interface. Getting these devices to the backers took longer than expected, and so has implementing their feedback into the GameStick's UI.

"We have therefore taken the decision to push back the whole project by one month to ensure we can fit this process in," the update reads. "We appreciate that this will frustrate backers keen to get their hands on their device but we did not feel it was fair to bypass this step as it was a key pledge and the feedback will be really welcome."

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