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Gamestop: 'We applaud Microsoft' for reversing Xbox One used-game rules


Gamestop is pleased with Microsoft's announcement that the Xbox One will allow games to be traded in as usual, a spokesperson tells Joystiq. On June 6, Microsoft announced a system for Xbox One that would allow games to be shared only once, and only to someone the player has known for more than 30 days on Xbox Live. Under this system, retailers would have to sign up with Microsoft to resell Xbox One games.

Today, Microsoft reversed this decision.

"Gamestop welcomes today's announcement from Microsoft about changes in functionality for its next-generation console, the Xbox One," Gamestop says. "This is great news for gamers and we applaud Microsoft for understanding consumers and the importance of the pre-owned market."

Gamestop makes the majority of its profit from used game sales, and following reports that the Xbox One wouldn't support used games, GameStop's stock fell 5 percent. Currently, Gamestop's stock is up 2.5 points in after-hours trading, almost 6 percent.

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