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Ken Levine is writing Logan's Run remake for Warner Bros.


BioShock creator and Irrational Games boss Ken Levine is making a return foray into films by taking on the screenplay for the Warner Bros. remake of Logan's Run. According to Deadline, the move is very much a unique and temporary one for Levine, who will continue on Irrational Games, but Logan's Run has long been a "passion project" for him. Levine first pursued a career as a film screenwriter before being hired by Looking Glass Studios and going on to found Irrational.

There's no word yet on when Levine's take on the iconic 1976 sci-fi film and the book it's based on will hit screens. In any case, a tweet from the man himself would suggest he's thrilled with the move: "I think the 10 year old me gave the 46 year old me a high five."

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