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Lytro announces iOS app, unlocks hidden WiFi feature in camera


Today's news brings a pleasant surprise for Lytro camera owners. It turns out the that each one of the small light-field cameras has had a hidden WiFi chip inside, waiting to be turned on. Well, the time for activation has come with the release of a new firmware update which activates the WiFi. And just in time for the release of Lytro's new iOS app.

The app, called Lytro Mobile, connects to your iPhone via the WiFi transmitter and allows you to view camera images from your iOS device. Once you activate the app simply click the Camera feature and you will be told to select WiFi from the Lytro's menu screen. Once you tap the WiFi option on your Lytro screen you will be able to wirelessly upload images directly to

The mobile app has other tricks up its sleeve. You can use the app to refocus a picture via Perspective Shift, add captions and geotagging, and share your live pictures via your favorite social network, message service or SMS. The app also allows you to use the Lytro to make GIF images from pictures you've taken. The firmware update and app are available now from Lytro and the App Store respectively.

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