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RIFT grants compensation for Icewatch and Akala shard transfers

MJ Guthrie

The switch to free-to-play has caused such a population explosion in RIFT that Trion is converting some shards to trial shards and opening new ones to host new and transferred players alike. But the studio understands that relocating is never easy. So to players who had to pack their bags and leave their beloved homes on EU's Icewatch and Akala shards, Trion is offering "a few small tokens of [their] appreciation for all your contributions to RIFT's success over the past two years."

Within the next few weeks, all former players from these two communities will receive special gifts on all of their characters. These gifts are a title ("of Icewatch" or "of Akala"), a shard-specific Icewatch or Akala regalia wardrobe set, and +1000 bonus loyalty.

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