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The Secret World is 50% off today on Steam

MJ Guthrie

What's better than a buy-to-play game that has no subscription fee? How about one that's 50% off! Make that game The Secret World and you've got one sweet deal. If you or anyone you know has been putting off purchasing a copy of the horror and conspiracy-themed game in hopes of a good deal, today is your day.

For 24 hours, TSW is a cool $14.99 (or 14.99 euros) on Steam. Got that? Only 24 hours... and already counting down. So if you want to take advantage of this deal and get full access to everything up through Issue #4, there's no time for hemming or hawing about this deal; it goes the way of the dodo at 1:00 p.m. EDT tomorrow, June 20th.

[Thanks to Balsbigbrother1 for the tip!]

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