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Guild Wars 2 novel Sea of Sorrows releases on June 25


Tyrian lore fanatics have reasons to be excited as the third Guild Wars 2 novel is set to release on June 25th. Sea of Sorrows is written by none other than ArenaNet's Narrative Designer, Ree Soesbee, and takes place roughly 150 years before the events in the game.

This time period lines up with the rising of Orr from the murky depths along with the elder dragon, Zhaitan, and his hordes of undead risen. Readers will get to experience how this cataclysmic event shaped the lives of many Tyrians and led to the destruction and rebuilding of Lion's Arch.

The novel follows the life of a young sailor named Cobiah Marriner, who heads for the sea when his life in Lion's Arch takes a tragic turn. Cobiah's grandson is the current commodore of Lion's Arch, but other Easter eggs have been recently added to the game as well. A new statue of Cobiah has been added to Lion's Arch with an engraved book on it. Marriner's plaques have been scattered around the city for an unannounced upcoming activity, and ArenaNet has told us to expect more references and living story updates that will directly tie into the events in the book.

Are you going to be picking up Sea of Sorrows next Tuesday? Let us know if you've got the sea legs for it in the comments below!

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