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Bonnaroo Festival participants enjoy live video and audio with ChirpVision

Ilene Hoffman

The 2013 Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Tennessee offered listeners an enhanced viewing experience over the four-day festival. An iPhone and Android app by ChirpVision provided music fans with HD audio and video of any one of the three stages, no matter where they were at the festival.

The ChirpVision apps proved especially useful when music fans were greeted with a rainstorm, but could still watch live performances from the "That" tent, which housed the Chirp WiFi Zone.

Bonnaroo Festival participants enjoy live video and audio with ChirpVision

According to ChirpVision co-founder Robert Bianchi, "ChirpVision technology takes the fan experience to a whole new level ... By allowing fans to enjoy interactive features ... while never missing the action around the festival." The press release further states that "ChirpVision can stream video up to 100,000 event patrons." The technology works over standard WiFi systems and three live video channels at 24 frames per second, optimized for mobile devices.

ChirpVision is an interactive in-venue closed-loop wireless broadcast system, developed by Chirp, Inc. They plan to add texting, DVR function, VoIP, internet and other features to their apps in the future. This could change the user experience for a number of multi-stage fan events across the globe, such as Burning Man or Farm Aid. It certainly would help those of us who hate to be immersed in crowds, enjoy large festivals from the sidelines.

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