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Path of Exile introduces Descent Events


Path of Exile, despite not actually being out yet, has a reputation for holding special events that challenge its most loyal and hardcore players and offer them a slight break from the normal day-to-day of killing monsters in dungeons. They're called Signature Events, and participants receive community rewards and other perks for participating.

Next week, Grinding Gear Games is set to announce the next series of events for Path of Exile players and an all-new mode known as Descent Events. Descent Events are completed alone and boast a unique array of monsters and loot. When the event ends, the characters and items are deleted. The idea to create a host of solo, standalone experiences that give players a chance to play with builds and step outside of regular Path of Exile gameplay.

Descent Events will last one hour, with roughly 50 of them being scheduled for the duration of season three.

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