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Square Enix appoints new heads of NA and EU studios

Jordan Mallory

Square Enix today announced changes in the management makeup of its North American and European studios. These announcements come after a fiscal year spent in the red, and layoffs in both North America and Europe as part of a "corporate restructuring."

All North American and European studios underneath the Square Enix umbrella will now be overseen by Darrell Gallagher, the company's new Head of Studios. Prior to receiving his assuredly jeweled crown and gold-plated throne, Gallagher was Studio Head of Crystal Dynamics – a position which he will continue to fill for the time being, in conjunction with his new duties.

Eidos Montreal will now be helmed by David Anfossi, former Deus Ex: Human Revolution executive producer. Meanwhile, Square Enix Montreal will be "built into a centre of excellence for game development on smart devices (primarily tablets)" under the guidance of Patrick Naud, according to the announcement.

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LONDON (June 21, 2013) – Square Enix today announces a series of strategic changes to studio leadership teams in the West.

As Square Enix re-aligns its business in the West against a rapidly changing market, we have made some strategic changes to some studio teams. Details below:

Darrell Gallagher will take on the position of Head of Studios, heading up all studios in North America and Europe, previously Gallagher was Studio Head at Crystal Dynamics the team behind this year's Tomb Raider reboot. Whilst he will also retain his role at Crystal for the immediate future, he will work directly with other studios on our ongoing portfolio strategy.

David Anfossi is moving up to become Studio Head at Eidos-Montréal - formerly Executive Producer on Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Anfossi has 18 years' experience in project management. He will lead the studio as it completes its development of Thief as well as oversee two other unannounced projects currently in development at the studio.
At Square Enix Montréal, Patrick Naud will take on a central leadership role as the studio is built into a centre of excellence for game development on smart devices (primarily tablets). The studio will focus immediately on games around the Hitman brand, and in time will also work on games outside of this franchise, using their AAA development experience to set new standards in this space.
And Hannes Seifert has taken on the role of Studio Head full-time at IO Interactive, where they are in pre-production on a new AAA Hitman project.

"Our focus remains firmly set on making great games and delivering unforgettable experiences," said Phil Rogers, CEO of Square Enix America & Europe. "Whilst our games will come in different shapes and sizes, we want to deliver them faster and better and we believe these changes will help our studios achieve just that."

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