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SessionBand Jazz lets you create like a master

Ilene Hoffman

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UK Music Apps Ltd produces SessionBand, an iOS-based app that gives you chord-based audio loops. You can use these loops for professional recording or to enhance your music experiments while you learn. A new version, SessionBand -- Jazz Edition, was released on June 15th.

The new Jazz Edition features over 16,000 precision-cut chord-based jazz loops recorded by bassist Geoff Gascoyne, pianist Tom Cawley, drummer Ralph Salmins, and woodwinds (saxophone and flute) by Andy Panayi. The four UK-based jazz musicians are associated with top London music schools, including Royal Academy of Music, Royal College of Music, Trinity College and Guildhall. You can watch an entertaining video and see these musicians in action in SessionBand's introductory YouTube video.

SessionBand Jazz lets you create like a master

You can create your own copyright-free jazz music with your own jazz quartet by selecting and joining together various chord blocks. The SessionBand Jazz provides ten jazz chord variations for each of 15 popular jazz styles. According to UK Music Apps, you can "listen to the same set of selected chords in any of those styles."

Also joining SessionBand, the February-released highly rated app, this week are SessionBand -- Piano Edition and SessionBand -- Acoustic Guitar Edition. The Piano Edition features recordings by Tom Cawley, while the Guitar Edition features recordings by Christian Marsac. These versions are on sale in the iTunes Store for $2.99, while the SessionBand - Jazz Edition sells for $3.99.

All of the SessionBand apps feature one-touch recording, automated mixing, metronome and count-in, auto-transpose and Audiobus compatibility. The apps are compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, running iOS 5.1 or later, although the company recommends using the apps with the iPad 2 or iPhone 4S or newer devices.

Personally, I rather like their tag line: Everyone's got a song in them. What's yours?

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