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The Gallery: Six Elements offers a tour of its tunnels in new trailer


The Gallery: Six Elements, a first-person adventure game designed with Oculus Rift in mind, recently raised $83,000 on Kickstarter, more than its goal of $65,000. It's easy to see why – The Gallery looks to be a tense, dark exploration game that takes full advantage of the Oculus Rift and PC motion-gaming controls. It won't have to be played with a virtual reality headset, but why wouldn't you?

Right, because the Oculus Rift hasn't shipped to the public yet. There's no commercial release date for the Oculus, but developer kits are making their way out now. For those who snagged one, find the alpha version of The Gallery here.

On the same site, developer CloudHead Games has a secondary crowdfunding project under way, building off the $83,000 from Kickstarter, with the same perks and no time limit. The first stretch goal asks for $140,000 to add an original score, and there are more goals down the line.

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