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CCP's Petursson discusses how big companies get dumb

Eliot Lefebvre

CCP Games is doing pretty well for itself at this point. EVE Online is going strong, DUST 514 has been promising thus far, and the company has two more projects in the pipeline. But there's still an underlying focus to the company as a whole, and according to CCP CEO Hilmar Petursson that's a necessity. As Petursson puts it, large companies can get very dumb very quickly unless the people in charge make a conscious effort to avoid it.

Petursson notes that a larger company has more difficulty coordinating and understanding how small changes can make larger impacts, something that requires careful structure and planning to avoid. He points out that the company's loss of focus led to layoffs back in 2011, something that he feels personally responsible for. If you're interested in seeing how the company is trying to keep fluid by adapting to new markets without rushing into trends, you can take a look at the full interview.

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