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EverQuest II shares details about update 67, Darkness Dawns

Eliot Lefebvre

Are you ready for another update to EverQuest II? Especially one that dusts off some old content, offers some new ways to access existing content, and streamlines the benefits from clearing all of the new content? All of the above is coming in the next major update, Darkness Dawns, slated for release on July 30th. The update will be updating four dungeons from the very first expansion with high-level items and challenges, letting veterans experience old favorites and new players take on a whole new challenge.

The update will also add three new Contested Avatars and the Arena of the Gods, which allows players to pit themselves against Avatars at will for slightly weaker rewards. Players can also start enjoying the new Character Advancement Templates, allowing characters to select pre-built templates for Alternate Advancement and Prestige Abilities or save custom layouts, with the added advantage that these can be swapped without any respec fees. July 30th probably seems like a far-away date, but considering the size of the patch, we're betting it'll be worth it.

[Thanks to Timmy for the tip!]

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