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Q Games collaborating with LittleBigPlanet Vita dev Double Eleven


Q Games is working with LittleBigPlanet Vita co-developer Double Eleven on an as yet unknown number of projects. As GamesIndustry International reports, Double Eleven was tied to Sony XDev, but now the UK studio founded by former Rockstar devs is joining forces with Pixeljunk creator Q Games.

"Double Eleven has an outstanding track record in video game development," said Q Games President Dylan Cuthbert of the move, "And we like their way of thinking when it comes to publishing. Q Games is about making memorable experiences for everyone, and Double Eleven are the perfect partner to see our vision through."

Q Games' latest endeavor is Pixeljunk Inc., which is a 2D platformer of sorts based around aliens, soup factories, and lasers. That goop of elements is scheduled to arrive on Steam later this year. As for Double Eleven, it recently brought Playdead's Limbo to Vita, and is working on bringing Mode 7's Frozen Synapse to PS3 and Vita this year, too.

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