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Take a tropical holiday in Star Trek Online

Eliot Lefebvre

In Star Trek Online, both the Federation and the Klingon Empire face threats from within and without. The Romulan Republic is beset on all sides by enemies, forced to consort with one-time adversaries to ensure that the long-suffering people of the demolished Romulus do not fade into memory. The galaxy is filled with strife, suffering, and a need for brave explorers and defenders. This makes it the perfect time to toss all of your cares away and start relaxing on the luxurious beaches of the pleasure planet, Risa!

The special Lohlunat Festival is approaching, and that means a chance for captains of all factions and races to come to Risa and enjoy the festivities. It also means that captains can get a shot at owning a Risan Corvette, a vehicle built for speed and comfort above all else. And how do you earn the Corvette? Through exploring the island, cutting a move on the dance floor, or taking part in special Floater races across the planet. It's just the thing to unwind after a long day of getting shot at by the Borg, and it means that your tropical vacation can end with a new ship instead of maxed-out credit cards.

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