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ECOXGEAR announces the ECOROX BT speaker: Floating into an Apple Store near you


Doesn't it seem that once Bluetooth speaker manufacturers figured out how to make a good-sounding speaker that could play for hours on a single battery charge, they'd just wait for some new technology to come out? Obviously, the engineers at ECOXGEAR decided that they'd try to do something completely different, as they've just announced the ECOROX Bluetooth Speaker (US$129.99), which is not only waterproof, but floats!

This is the first Bluetooth speaker that a PR person has told me to go throw into a river, so I may take him up on it. The ECOROX is IPX7 waterproof and fully submersible in water. Inside the rugged box is a set of six-watt stereo speakers that can pump out sound for up to 10 hours. The 11-ounce ECOROX can be mounted on bike handlebars via a 1/4-inch camera mount (not included) or hung from a backpack using the included carabiner.

It looks like the ECOROX will be the perfect rugged Bluetooth speaker for the hot tub, as it can join in on the frothy fun! The ECOROX will be available in Apple Stores soon in orange, red and black versions.

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