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Patch 5.3 hotfixes for June 24

Anne Stickney

A new batch of hotfixes for patch 5.3 has been released on the official blog. While the list itself is pretty small, there's one big change in there that ought to make pet collectors very, very happy. In addition, a few changes have been made to Throne of Thunder encounters:
June 24

  • Shaman
    • Enhancement
      • Stormblast's damage has been normalized.
      • Unleash Wind's damage has been normalized.
  • Going Bearback: Players should no longer be able to take Icefang outside of the intended quest area.
  • Seeds of Discord: Players attempting to talk to Karr'gonn should now properly receive a dialogue option to distract them.
  • Ice Caller Briatha, Heretic Bodyguard, and Heretic Emissary can no longer be killed.
Pet Battles
  • Battle Pets
    • Qiraji Guardling's spawn rate has been greatly increased.
Raids, Dungeons and Scenarios
  • Throne of Thunder
    • Horridon
      • Hex of Confusion can no longer cause players to critically hit themselves.
      • The Soft Hands achievement should now be properly awarded to Priests in Spirit of Redemption form as well as players that are dead.
    • Lei Shen
      • Mages who cast Alter Time while under the effects of Discharged Energy will no longer incorrectly retain the debuff.

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