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PlanetSide 2 launches in China to surprising numbers

Eliot Lefebvre

Bringing a game to another nation always prompts certain questions. There's no way to be sure a title that makes perfect sense in the US will hit upon the same level of success when it launches in China. And in the case of PlanetSide 2, that's exactly what's happened. John Smedley tweeted earlier today that the launch in China is not going as well as it did in the US -- it's going significantly better.

Smedley's tweet claims that the game is already seeing bigger numbers than it has in the US after only eight hours of launch, although what exactly those numbers are isn't specified. Whether this is a result of a serious hole in the shooter market in China compared to the US or just a matter of marketing is up for debate, but it seems that both Sony Online Entertainment and The9 made a good call to bring the shooter over.

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