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Standalone DayZ looks to be taking cues from EVE Online

Eliot Lefebvre

When you actually build a simulation of the post-zombie landscape, where do you look for inspiration about what happens next? To the stars, according to DayZ's Dean Hall. In a recent interview, Hall discusses the ways that EVE Online creates a persistent world fueled primarily by player interactions and backstabbing, which he sees as the future of the standalone DayZ. Not just in the case of survivors turning on one another, but in the ability to actually create safe regions through the world carved out by player ingenuity.

Hall discusses the possibility of allowing not just player-owned structures but long-term landscape changes, hollowing out bunkers and setting up security systems. The game isn't there yet, but he also mentions that watching The War Z's launch and subsequent burn in some ways helped fuel the development team's commitment to the original vision. It's an interesting look at a game that isn't out there yet, but promises to add more than simply surviving the hordes of mindless undead.

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