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The Queue: Working at the Yak Wash


I've never worked at either a zoo or a car wash. I have to imagine that a yak wash would be a good compromise between the two. A little zoo in your wash.

So you can yak while you zoo?

I'll just leave it at that. You're welcome, Queue.

Jeff asked:

Is Northrend bigger in size than outland? I feel slow flying from zone to zone in Northrend, while I don't feel that at all in outland.

Northrend is a bit larger, but it has better flight optimization than Outland does, so it seems smaller. There's also more centralized things to do in Northrend, and you're not zipping all over the place all the time as you were doing in Outland.

It'll be interesting to see what happens if Blizzard ever gets around to redoing Outland. I'm keen to see how they change the terrain and if they keep the general outlay of the land or if they start at the drawing board again (I sorta hope they do).

Bob asked:

So, one thing I've noticed with this expansion is that a lot of the group content (5-mans, scenarios) seems to revolve around pre-existing scenery (see: Jade Temple, Gate/Setting Sun, etc.). Raids were, for the most part, an exception to this (but it still existed to some degree) but now SoO seems to be utilizing this even more so than the previous raids. So, two questions about this...

1.) Do you think the extensive use of pre-existing scenery is what has made pushing Mists patches/launch so fast?

2.) Do you think this is the sort of design we'll see from here on out in upcoming expansions?

I wouldn't be surprised if that isn't something that was taken into consideration when Blizzard was aiming for a faster release schedule. Also keep in mind that patches are about half of what they used to be; there's a "story" patch, and then a "raid" patch -- prior to Mists each patch contained both those. So naturally Blizzard pushes out content faster.

I do suspect that we'll see more of this. Personally though I'm hoping for a bit more gothic scenery, more dark western things than eastern and high-elf settings. I want a dark expansion. Rawr.

Blazingdragon asked:

I want to start reading the books of wow, but I don't really know if I want to start at the beginning. My interest is Illidan, Arthas and the dragon aspects. Any suggestions on what books to read? BTW, I know this has nothing to do with today's Queue.

Great question!

Anne Stickney has written a great guide to this that you should check out. It'll answer all your questions, and then some.

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