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WoW Moviewatch: War of the Ancients - Well of Eternity


This is a trailer for War of the Ancients - Well of Eternity. If you've been around for a while, then you know we usually try to avoid trailers. (And I point that out every time we break down and do post a trailer.) It's not that we don't like trailers; we love them! But the problem is that they frequently don't produce a final movie. All we're left with is that trailer, stretching into eternity.

I hope that doesn't happen to War of the Ancients - Well of Eternity. Based on the novels by Knaak, this movie promises some dragon lore, well considered plot, and gorgeous graphics. Take the time to check it out, and encourage Bloodlord to finish the video. I have faith and hope that we'll see the final version.

Thanks to Letomi for the tip!
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